Do Opposites Attract?

After almost a year of marriage, I’ve spent some time lately thinking about our relationship and thanking God for sustaining us. So many deep hurts, harsh words, jealous thoughts and lengthy arguments were avoided this year because of God’s grace in both of our lives, but especially in Xavier’s tender heart. I was going to … More Do Opposites Attract?

The Waiting Game

Gosh darn it, sometimes I wish I could know the future. Planning is often my safety net and a checklist is my daily copilot. I love the heck out of notepads, sticky notes, push pins and magnets because they can hold my numerous lists. I always have a tiny notebook and at least three pens … More The Waiting Game

Living on the Edge

We love dates. In fact, we started calling them “adventures” when we were dating based on the characters in Disney’s UP (we even had an adventure book). But to be honest, we aren’t the most adventurous people. Don’t get me wrong, we have many many quirky things we like to do and places we like to … More Living on the Edge

How’s Married Life?

I know this is true about me and I am guessing it is true about many others too based on common conversations that I have. As life events come and go, people want to know about them. I’ve caught myself laughing as I’ve asked newly engaged friends how the wedding planning is going because I remember answering that … More How’s Married Life?