Someone Like You

I met Xavier four years ago this month. We started dating 11 months later and I think I’ve experienced all of his semester finals except the very first one. As he was studying and wrapping up this final batch of classes, I caught myself thinking about how each semester has brought changes and growth in … More Someone Like You

The Waiting Game

Gosh darn it, sometimes I wish I could know the future. Planning is often my safety net and a checklist is my daily copilot. I love the heck out of notepads, sticky notes, push pins and magnets because they can hold my numerous lists. I always have a tiny notebook and at least three pens … More The Waiting Game

Turn the Page

The sky is a brilliant shade of blue and you can tell from the glare against the white buildings that the sun is out in its full glory. My kindred spirits have their window shades fully open letting the lovely light come in while the sun haters have theirs tightly closed. It’s almost like winter … More Turn the Page

Featured Wedding

Have you ever had an experience that leaves you feeling overwhelmed by love and friendship? I was reminded (yet again!) how extremely thankful I am to have been a part of our wedding day. I know that sounds weird… I mean, of course Xavier and I were a part of our wedding day since it … More Featured Wedding

Our First Christmas

In a one bedroom apartment On the humble side of town There stands a little Christmas tree Looks a lot like Charlie Brown’s And underneath there’s one little gift for him And one little gift for her After six months on the new job They’re still barely getting by So in the way of decorations … More Our First Christmas