Throwing it Back

We’ve all heard couples tell the “how we met” and the “how he asked” stories, but have you ever wondered about all the stories in between? When I was growing up, my parents would invite other families over to dinner to get to know them better (back in the days when everyone had 2-3 kids and they … More Throwing it Back

Living on the Edge

We love dates. In fact, we started calling them “adventures” when we were dating based on the characters in Disney’s UP (we even had an adventure book). But to be honest, we aren’t the most adventurous people. Don’t get me wrong, we have many many quirky things we like to do and places we like to … More Living on the Edge

Our Honeymoon Part 1

Marrying Xavier, surrounded by God, friends, family and gorgeous summer light was such a joy-filled experience and something I hope I will always remember in such a clear way. I hadn’t had much time to think about the honeymoon beforehand so the only thing I had anticipated about it was that there would be tears as we left … More Our Honeymoon Part 1