Mother’s Day

Words can never describe her influence on me or the immense privilege it is to be her daughter. She is beautiful and kind, she feels deeply, thinks intelligently, loves fully, and serves endlessly. It seems prescribed to write these things on a day like today… and I wish that weren’t the case because my mom … More Mother’s Day

Nanny Diary

So much of my life looks like me trying to do something that I think will be good or helpful  and proceeding to make things more difficult. (Like last week when I hit the garage door opener right after Mark had hit it. I thought I had opened it… when really I had closed it. … More Nanny Diary


Welp here goes nothing! It’s been 9 months since I last posted on my blog… 17 drafts have come and gone since then as I have been attempting to figure out what to post that I will want to go back and read later. I share most of my blog type posts over on Instagram … More 2017


I’ve been waiting for something to say, but there are no “right” words that have come to me to explain the heartbreak, doubts and immense number of questions that have messed with my mind for over two weeks. Norm said in his sermon what I’ve battled with in my heart… when we face a tragedy, … More Broken

My Heroes

Not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes encourage you to photograph life because it’s beautiful. Some heroes comfort you without saying a word. Some heroes welcome sunshine into their homes and it spills out of their hearts. Some heroes take time to listen. Some heroes do incredible acrobatics. Some heroes drink coffee. Some heroes cook … More My Heroes