My Heroes

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some heroes encourage you to photograph life because it’s beautiful.

Some heroes comfort you without saying a word.


Some heroes welcome sunshine into their homes and it spills out of their hearts.

Some heroes take time to listen.


Some heroes do incredible acrobatics.

Some heroes drink coffee.


Some heroes cook amazing meals and then do the dishes while multi-tasking.

Some heroes leave the lights on for you.


Some heroes make you laugh.

Some heroes…


And some heroes are the most amazing people you’ve ever met.


I was blessed to spend time yesterday talking to my photography hero and she gave me some great advice especially about this blog. She told me that if I write about life then I should take more photos of life. Sometimes it takes courage for me to ask a friend if I can come into her home and just take photos of  real life while we chat (sometimes it takes confidence to say yes to that request!) and sometimes it takes motivation to look around and appreciate the loveliness of life. Melissa gave me the spark I needed yesterday to see how many real heroes do exist… they just don’t always wear capes.


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