22 goals for my 23rd year

Have you ever felt scattered and unable to focus? I currently have five projects open on my desk (not ideal or most productive way to do things, but like I said I can’t focus… so I keep hopping from one to the next). In between my pile jumping, I get distracted by thoughts of other projects I have going outside these bank walls where I spend the remaining hours of my week. Every day is a battle to just do one thing at a time. If I see too many “inspirational posts” on Instagram it can either tip me to be inspired or swing me into frustration that I have so far to go to reach my goals.

As I sit here growing more dependent on coffee that I don’t like and feeling more and more unorganized, I started thinking about the goals I wrote down about a month ago on my birthday. I emailed the list to myself and I haven’t looked at them as much as I wanted or kept up with the list very well, but I really want to remember these things and be able to look back on them in future days. Plus #5 inspired me to post it here instead of just keeping it forever in my inbox (I get more emails from myself than everyone else that emails me combined).

So, without further chatter, here are my 22 goals for my 23rd year.

1. Send birthday cards or wishes to as many people on my birthday calendar as possible.

2. Get my DBA  (as of November 30th, this goal is accomplished! Brumwell Town Photography is a real business now and not just a cute name for my hobby!!!)
3. Vlog every weekend and post it every Monday (wstill have yet to get a camera that works well… but I still want to because I want to clearly remember the fun weekends we have together!)
4. Work hard and save up for a Nikon D750 and a Sigma Art 85mm (Thanks to #2 on my list being done, I finally have a bank account for this endeavor!!)
5. Blog at least once a week (I’m having issues with uploading images to my blog, which take a lot of fun out of it for me… but I’m going to try to see it as a challenge to keep writing either way).
6. Take ballroom (or some other) dance classes
7. Run a 5k in less than 30 minutes (As of Thanksgiving Day, this goal was met! 28:47!!!)
8. Run a 10k in less than an hour
9. Bench press bar with two 25lb weights
10. Squat my body weight
11. Paint a room
12. Sew something using a pattern (After a few frustrating mistakes, I finished up this goal last night. I can’t wait to show what I made on Instagram here in the next few weeks before Christmas).
13. Learn how to play Lord I Need You on guitar
14. Practice calligraphy and writing pretty words (Thanks to my dad’s birthday gift to me, I’ve had some inspiration for this lately).
15. Memorize Psalm 34
16. Be the first to offer forgiveness
17. Call my parents once a week (This was on my advice from dad list that I asked for, so when I do this one I can mark it off of TWO lists!)
18. Take a sibling on a date at least once a month
19. Sing, dance and try to make someone laugh every day
20. Make cookies for our neighbors
21. See the Grand Canyon
22. Eat Waffles and Ice Cream at Olan’s soda parlor



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