7 Things I Learned this Week

  1. You cannot start a fire in the rain with a wet notebook and a lighter.
    We went camping this weekend on the beautiful western coast of Michigan. Sadly, it rained 89% of the time we were there. Because of school and work, we didn’t arrive to the very deserted campsite until after 8pm. It was totally dark and it was raining as we tried to peer through the darkness for flat ground to set up our tent on. After trying to start a fire with my photo brainstorm notebook and an entire roll of paper towel, we “threw in the towel” and went to Five Guys while we waited for the storm to settle down. I honestly don’t know why we tried to start a fire in the rain. Logic ceases to exist when you are hungry I guess.
  2. When you own a car, you have to get the license renewed EVERY year. 
    Because we were so close to Lake Michigan, we decided to stop and play football on the beach before we headed home from camping. Within seconds of being on the beach, we were swarmed by flies. It was very Exodus style and we instantly took off running towards the car. There happened to be one other car in the parking lot… a park ranger. He approached us as we were crazily running and we stopped long enough for him to tell us that our license plate was expired. #newbs #firstyearcarowners
  3. Watching dreams come to life is immensely gratifying.
    When we first toured our house when we were looking at it, I fell in love with the three seasons room. All the windows made me instantly think “future photo studio”. I didn’t really think it would come together anytime soon but then I got an idea and I wanted to make it happen so bad. I wanted to create a stage that I could use for newborn and children photography that would allow me to use the white-washed walls in the room while also avoiding the green carpet, outlets and heating vent. My sweet father helped me make it (even though he really tried to talk me out of making it 6’x5′ and 2′ tall :}). After sanding, staining and sealing, we moved it into the room and it is beautiful!! I can’t wait to use it this weekend for some Christmas mini sessions. It feels amazing to start a huge project and just get it done!
  4. Singing Happy Birthday twice in every tone, pitch and key is the only way to sing it. Both Ben and my Dad had birthdays this week, but no matter how many times I sing Happy Birthday, it always gets worse. Sorry Ben… probably the worst phone call he has ever received.
  5. Having a place for everything and having everything in its place is vital to mental stability.
    I feel like I keep losing things this week… I had to re-order a lens cap that I lost in a field of sunflowers, I misplaced the journal that I literally took a photo of last night, I couldn’t find the remains of my photo brainstorm notebook (the one that got half-burned) and then things climaxed this morning when Xavier asked where I put his keys (that I don’t even remember taking). I later found the keys at the bottom of my backpack, but it made me realize yet again… everything needs a spot. And when I am putting stuff away, I need to put it in the right spot.
  6. Ratios matter in weight lifting.
    It has been a while since I’ve taken a math class… but it took Xavier 10 minutes during our workout yesterday to explain how the weights we were each using created a ratio of 1:3 not 1:5 (like I thought). I laughed when I “saw the light” but he had to use an example of money to explain it to me. (If I have the bar weight + 20lbs and he has the bar weight + 90lbs you have to add each group together BEFORE creating the ratio… you can’t go all algebra on it and take out the bar weight). #myhusbandisamathtutor
  7. Scheduling in pencil instead of pen leads to more flexibility.
    I don’t think I could function without a calendar and schedule. I always have a pocket sized version in my purse and I used to write everything down in pen. This would result in many layers of white-out and often some messy dates and confusing notes. I switched to pencil this month with the resolve to live life as it happens and try (really hard) to have less expectations for my wanting my plans to go according to my schedule. It has been good to use an eraser and trust God for the reasons why he allows things to happen.

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