A Letter to Xavier on his 23rd Birthday

Dear Xav,
Happy 23rd Birthday! I didn’t get a chance to walk through the card section at Meijer the other day because your Superman ice cream was melting. Plus a lot of those cards don’t say what I want them to say and in the end I often spend $4 for a crease in a piece of paper. I wanted to write you a note somehow and since I also ran out of time this morning, I thought this would be the next best thing.

It was a joy to wake up next to you for the second birthday in a row. And to see your smile when I said “Happy Birthday”. What a year this has been. I feel like you’ve aged more than a year since you turned 22 because of how much you’ve matured. Part of me is a little sad to watch you mature because it is fun being goofy kids together. But another part of me is so thankful and so proud of the man you are becoming – a testimony of the Holy Spirit at work in your life. This past year, I’ve seen your heart to help hurting people increase exponentially, I’ve seen you hold resources openly in your hand; you are willing to steward what God gives us and wanting to give where He leads. I have seen you wounded in deeper ways than I’d ever want to see, but I’ve also seen you laugh harder than ever before. I am so thankful that I have gotten to walk through this whole year by your side, hand in hand.

Thank you for your desire to be in God’s word and your longing to memorize scripture. It inspires me to see that hunger in you and it spurs me to hunger for those things myself. Thank you for tucking me in when you have to stay up late to study and for encouraging me to be healthy by being balanced in working out and eating. Thank you for the myriad of things you do that remind me of your love. You are such a kind leader to me ❤

I’m sorry that you have to spend your birthday at school, but I am looking forward to deep dish pizza and rhubarb strawberry crisp tonight. You are my favorite person in the history of the world. I love you more!



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