Richard and Maggie //Morning Wedding

Maggie and Richard grew up in the same area but didn’t meet each other until they were working at Camp Barakel (holla for Camp Barakel!). Xavier and I were friends with them separately  before we were even friends with each other and of course, since we all hung out at camp for long enough, we eventually met, fell in love, got married and then got to take photos of them getting married. There aren’t many things that will get me out of bed super early on a Saturday (it is my one sleep-in day so I kind of cherish it). But a morning wedding for people I love will for sure do the trick! Maggie and Richard truly wanted their day to honor Christ. You could tell by their ceremony, by the way they treated one another and by the way everyone spoke about them that their wish had come true. It was lovely. On top of that, all of their friends and family members did such an amazing job with the decorations and brunch food. The framed signs were so unique and heartfelt and I’m still dreaming about those pastries 🙂 Everyone was so happy and so sweetly emotional… my favorite type of people! And I loved all the natural elements and plants that they incorporated into the decorations. It was a treat to see it all set up after I had seen only bits and pieces here and there during the months leading up to their wedding.







Plus they are super awesome at being themselves… and I couldn’t respect that more!


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