Her Grandma’s House of Dreams

Emily Steffen and I met at camp so many summers ago that I can’t even remember what year it was. It has been so sweet to see her and catch up here and there when we have the chance. When we saw each other this spring at family camp, we talked about how fun it would be to get together outside of camp and take some photos before she heads off to California. Then she described her grandparent’s home in Millington and we agreed that it would be the perfect location for a relaxing afternoon of hanging out and making memories.


Natalie went with me and although we nearly went into the wrong house, we finally arrived to find Emily and her grandma waiting for us on the porch. We sipped on cold lemonade while we listened to stories about the children that grew up there and saw some of the beautiful woodwork pieces that Emily’s grandpa made for her grandma. After a tour of the woods with her grandpa and a stop by the ice chest to get ice cream, Emily decided to take us on some of her favorite paths. Of course, we brought our cameras and had a total blast along the way. Natalie made us a flower crown and the property provided some seriously stunning views.





The day ended too soon, but we left with hopes of coming back for more happy memories some day. Photography isn’t a just a passing fad… it truly is a gift that allows me to capture precious moments with friends and family that I can hold onto when we are far apart. We’ll miss you, Em! Have fun in Cali ❤


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