Throwing it Back

We’ve all heard couples tell the “how we met” and the “how he asked” stories, but have you ever wondered about all the stories in between? When I was growing up, my parents would invite other families over to dinner to get to know them better (back in the days when everyone had 2-3 kids and they could seat two families at one table!). After dinner, the kids would be dismissed to go play and the parents would start chatting over dessert. I would usually hang around the adults for as long as I could. There was something mysterious about the things they talked and laughed about. They didn’t play in a make believe world like all my friends. All the stories they told were real… including the love stories! My dad would almost always start by asking the couple how they had met. It usually ended up captivating me until I was shooed away to play with the kids. I was so intrigued by how people could fall in love and get married in so many different ways. I never really got to hear all the stories from all the couples, but my parents’ stories made up for that. When they would put me to bed, they would sometimes be willing to tell me some of their stories that took place in between the “how we met” and the “how he asked”.


I loved how they remembered some of the details so well and how they couldn’t seem to agree on other facts. I knew that I wanted to have stories like that to tell my kids someday… the story of how Xav and I met (and started dating) spans 11 months of him slowly changing from an acquaintance to my best friend. But most people know that one because it is funny to share 😉 The story of how he asked is one that I told over and over again last year (apparently when you get engaged there are two questions that burn holes in everybody’s brain…”how’d he ask?” and “can I see the ring?”… they burn holes in my brain too so no judgment here!). But what about the stories in between? I mean, the end result is pretty obvious. But me and my sentimental self decided at the beginning of our relationship that Xav and I needed to journal all of our dates in an “adventure book” so that we could have it to remember later on (thanks to Disney’s ‘UP’, I also obviously needed a place to tape all of our ticket stubs and photos). So the adventure book was formed and for a year and a half we took turns recording all of our dates. I love reading through the book again because it reminds me of all the steps our relationship has taken. The story of the first awkward hug, the crazy amounts of ice cream that we’ve eaten together, the double dates, the “long distance” dates, the first kiss, the picnics, the movies and the travels we’ve been on. We didn’t do as many entries after we got engaged, but we pulled it out again to write our vows in for the wedding.

As we are flying through our first year of marriage, I keep getting more and more sentimental about those dates. They seem so funny and special (as well as sooooo weird) now that we are married… I just can’t keep them hiding them on the shelf all locked away anymore. We need to remember all the lessons we learned back then and we need to see how God has shaped us and changed us slowly to better love and serve one another… It is exciting to think about the future, but I am sentimental and therefore, hopelessly tied to the past. I love the stories we have accumulated.

Throwback Thursday stories with Xav&Em coming soon!

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