Pangborns & Bentleys // Family

I first took photos for the Pangborn family around two years ago when they had just purchased a piece of land with an amazing old barn on the property. As I took their fall photos, they talked about how they wanted to eventually turn it into a U-Pick farm. There was a lot of work that needed to be done before they could even plant anything but they were excited to wait on God to provide and thrilled for opportunities to use their land for His purposes. When they asked me to come back this spring to take updated photos, I couldn’t wait to see what a few years had done to the place.


I love when other people use their talents, resources and time to cultivate a small business. It inspires me to work harder and more passionately at what God has given me and not get too far ahead of myself. No doubt, there are many times when the small things seem meaningless and difficult and they don’t seem to be giving any reward. Spending hours working on a website, only to have it crash, with all the progress you’ve made disappearing forever… or planting rows upon rows of baby strawberry plants only to see weeds growing in around them… they are somewhat small steps along the way but they can be oh so discouraging in the moment. A few weeks ago, after all five families I took photos of had come and gone, I used some of the last daylight and memory card space to walk around the Pangborn’s farm.


The storms from that day had left everything looking vibrantly green and the rows of little strawberry and raspberry plants made me smile. I could almost see people walking through the rows picking berries in the years to come, and it made me smile. Their dreams from years ago are starting to take shape… and not only are the plants a sweet sign of their hard work, but the Pangborn’s gracious support truly reflects how they want to use their resources to bless others. I’m honored that they would ask me to come back and do their photos again and I’m humbled that they partnered with me for the photo day and recommended my work to other people.


It was a little chilly, but that’s what cuddles are for, right?



Another fun part of the day was that one of the other families that came was actually part of their extended family! So I got to take photos of them all together also 🙂 The kids’ grandparents even showed up to participate. I love when three generations are present in one photo.


And then I got to take some of just the Bentleys! Because it was so cold, I tried to keep everyone moving as much as possible (plus walking photos have a way of getting those looks that you can’t simply conjure up by saying “cheese”). You guys did great and it was a pleasure to capture your sweet expressions.





Sessions 4 and 5 of this special farm photo day are coming to future #photofridays! 


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