Smiths // Family

The Smiths were the first of five families that I got to work with on May 14th and I am so glad that they took the earliest time slot because it really helped me to relax and form a game plan for the day! Going into that Saturday, I wasn’t sure what to expect because it was rainy and 50 degrees and I only knew two of the five families that were coming out (although I knew that they would be awesome because they were all friends of the Pangborns!). Then these guys showed up and I was so crazy excited to start taking pictures that I forgot about the cold. From the perfectly coordinating outfits to the super cute hairstyles, I knew they came prepared. (Xav even noticed! He said that if we have boys some day, this is how he would want to dress them and do their hair : ). I simply love when people are naturally filled with joy and you can tell by these photos that they are so genuinely happy.







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