Bloopers and Outtakes

As a photographer, my goal is to have people feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. Of course, when it comes time to choose the images to give to my clients, there are always a few that don’t quite make the final cut.

Needless to say, in some cases, there are more outtakes than edits because the family is a complete package of goofballs… when that happens, editing a few of the outtakes and posting them on my blog is very necessary. Thankfully, I only have to take pictures for them once a year 😉

**Feel free to experiment with these original poses on your next family photo shoot. They are beautifully unique.

The Wind-Blown Look (#modelstatus)


Don’t Smile (#thettrickthatneverworks)

The Invisible Brother (#awkwardfamilyphotos)


The Smolder (#thenaturallaugh)


Sit Up Straight (#formal)



The Ben (#neverforget)*



The Derp (#didyousaycheese)



The Turds (#everyyear)*



*Disclaimer, ‘The Ben’ and ‘The Turds’ are traditional poses that should be used with caution. They have been known to cause years of mockery, moments of frustration and decades of hysterical laughter.

Original ‘The Ben’




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