A blog post popped up on my Facebook feed last week about Fauxtographers and how everyone starts in a position of being a copycat photographer – simply copying everything that they see others doing until eventually they develop their own authentic style and graduate to the level where they become professionals. I think it is a fairly common … More Fauxtographer

Bloopers and Outtakes

As a photographer, my goal is to have people feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. Of course, when it comes time to choose the images to give to my clients, there are always a few that don’t quite make the final cut. Needless to say, in some cases, there are more outtakes than edits … More Bloopers and Outtakes

Someone Like You

I met Xavier four years ago this month. We started dating 11 months later and I think I’ve experienced all of his semester finals except the very first one. As he was studying and wrapping up this final batch of classes, I caught myself thinking about how each semester has brought changes and growth in … More Someone Like You

The Waiting Game

Gosh darn it, sometimes I wish I could know the future. Planning is often my safety net and a checklist is my daily copilot. I love the heck out of notepads, sticky notes, push pins and magnets because they can hold my numerous lists. I always have a tiny notebook and at least three pens … More The Waiting Game