Turn the Page

The sky is a brilliant shade of blue and you can tell from the glare against the white buildings that the sun is out in its full glory. My kindred spirits have their window shades fully open letting the lovely light come in while the sun haters have theirs tightly closed. It’s almost like winter just gave way to summer without giving us spring (which is kind of totally okay with me because I adore summer). But I have one more hurdle until summer can truly begin: finishing school. I used to love to read. A story would suck me in and I’d spend hours becoming each of the characters as I read. The pages and text would slip away, leaving me with my imagination to draw pictures in my mind and narrate. Nowadays, the majority of my reading time is spent in my Business Law textbook and I must say, I notice every turn of the page. I want to feel good about the effort I have put into school but I’m just so ready to be done and turn the final page. Of course, I am thankful for the opportunities that I have had to work and school at the same time and to learn more about business, I just want to start applying the things I have learned in the real world! And I want to be swept away by summer like those books used to sweep me away to other worlds. I’m ready to learn how to read for leisure again. I’m ready to learn how to make interesting recipes. I’m ready to learn how to run longer and lift more. I’m ready to learn how to take more meaningful pictures. I’m ready to learn to put myself out there, to take risks and to grow. I’m ready to learn how to better love those around me and how to be more giving. I’m ready to learn to be still and have long quiet times with my Savior.

As I look at the past three weeks of school, it sometimes seems like it has gone on forever. But then I realize that, right now, I am learning to be patient and diligent and learning to persevere. I don’t want to regret the finish. I may never open a textbook again, so I don’t want to always be looking ahead and missing out on opportunities to be thankful or always looking back, wishing I could go back and do it over. There is just one page left, I have to read it well and then close the book. Summer awaits!


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