Photo Challenge (Xavier Edition)

At the beginning of March I was feeling uninspired and not sure how to get back into the photography groove so I asked Ben if he would want to do a 30 day photo challenge with me. We each came up with 15 words that were compiled into a list and then every day we take one word and try to interpret it through images. My dad jumped aboard our challenge on Instagram and it has been fun to see how everyone interprets the same word in different ways. Even though Xav doesn’t have Instagram, he wanted to do some of it also and I am so thankful for how he supports my love for photography. Tomorrow is the 30th and last day of our challenge and I thought it would be fun to share some of the fun pictures that Xavier came up with. My interpretations are on the left and his are on the right. I enjoy how he thinks outside of the box 🙂

Day 1: Moody

Day 2: Yellow

Day 3: Close Up

Day 4: Movement

Day 6: Black and White

Day 8: Clouds

Day 9: Inspirational

Day 10: Patterns

Day 11: Time

Day 13: Water


If you want to see the other interpretations of the words or all of the photos from every day, you can find me on Instagram @imemilyjane, my dad @poaguy and Ben @iambencalhoun!


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