Oh Darling, Never Grow Up

There are times when being total and complete goofballs is inappropriate for the situation and we have to act like adults (i.e. when there is no food in the house or schoolwork is due)… but for the other times… full on silly mode is fully engaged in Brumwell Town. We joke that it is a good thing no one sees how weird we are, but in reality, I want to remember the times when we put the responsibilities aside for a little bit to just have fun and embrace the inner children in us. I hope we never completely grow up because I love the giggles, bad jokes, silly faces and comfort that we have just being ourselves around one another. I’ve seen a lot of “10 Rules of This House” signs on Pinterest and so I decided to write down some previously unwritten rules of our life that we have just randomly formed. I want to see how long they last and remind myself that an alternate rule book is sometimes better.

10 Rules for Never Growing Up

Rule 1: Ice cream must be eaten out of the container while lying on your belly on the living room floor.

Rule 2: If there is groovy music playing, then dance! (And when you are the DJ for my workouts, you have to play “Stitches” first and “Fight Song” last.)

Rule 3. Wear Camp Barakel sunglasses whenever possible.

Rule 4. Your name has to be Yvonne when you color my hair.

Rule 5: If we go to Fresh Thyme, we have to spend less than $20 and we have to buy at least two chocolate covered peanut butter gems of deliciousness.

Rule 6. Make everything into a game… such as the ‘stacking clean dishes challenge’ and the ‘who can put their clothes away faster face off’.

Rule 7. The person washing the dishes will be spanked.

Rule 8. If you see only one Nerf gun somewhere… quickly grab it and get ready. (Ambushes are banned now so the solitary gun is your warning).

Rule 9. If it is warmer than 48 degrees and sunny, we will play football outside or go for a run.

Rule 10. If you wake the other person from their nap you have to do it with kisses or Kisses (the chocolate ones)… or both!


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Oh look! It is me and my hair dresser!! Hey Yvonne!
Stacking level… pro.

It’s not a rule, but going to Denny’s and Meijer at 1am can help you avoid growing up also!


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