A Very Brumwell Christmas

Christmas is starting to come to Brumwell Town and despite the lack of snow (and the lack of a front door, porch, stair rail and fireplace) we are trying to decorate as best as we can on a budget. We are also attempting to dwell on things we have to be thankful for. I love the idea of having a “real” house someday and going all out Pinterest on it. But for now, I’m sitting in the glow of my mini tree enjoying the fact that it is better than our initial attempt at transplanting… this was round one:

Brumwell Christmas 008

Pretty lame. So we used our Horrocks gift card (from the Fellers) to get a slightly larger and way more plump one! After lighting the new tree with white icicle lights, Jen offered to let me borrow some of her extra tree lights (turns out there is a major difference). As you can tell by their porch below, the Fellers have Christmas decorating basically figured out! And our little tree looks so bright and happy!

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful. Clearance finds from this year and last year are coming in handy to spruce this place up.


Our wonderful wedding photographer sent us our images a few weeks ago and she even had a few printed and sent with the digital copies. It was so sweet of her and I instantly put one of the adorable frames we got to use. (Is it weird to have pictures of yourself all over your dwelling? I guess it is just a sign that I love the memories each picture holds). Ohhh I almost forgot, I’ve been eyeballing lanterns like this for a long time. Probably almost two years. I just couldn’t justify spending the money on a nice big one like this (I do have several small ones though 🙂 )… At my work Christmas party last week, this was the centerpiece and on the bottom of my party favor it said that I could bring it home! Xavier walked me all the way down the road to the car with the candle still lit (thanks Chis).

One of my favorite spots this week has been our dresser. It has been buried in clothes and random odds and ends for a few weeks and I finally decided to reclaim the space. We even cleaned out the inside – getting rid of tons of clothes that we never wore was such a great feeling! It looks so much better now and I really love our wax lamp (our other one is in the kitchen because apartments smell funny).


A cleaned and decorated bedroom is so much more peaceful! I’ve been meaning to do a tour of the apartment but it has been kind of messy with study notes and laptop chargers everywhere so this is kind of just a mini preview as we start to get things back in order and hopefully when we rearrange the furniture over break, I can do some before and after photos of the living room.

And this post wouldn’t be complete without the two things that have been getting us through finals and cleaning and Christmas preparations… Ice cream and caffeine. I finished my semester last weekend and Xav will be done on Friday. Then only one semester left… ahhh! But one thing at a time and the next thing is finishing this week.


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